Push down to go up, Lauren

My photography journey presents me with the opportunity to meet truly amazing and inspiring people. I recently had the fortune to photograph Lauren and we created something beautiful. We originally spoke about a ballet shoot but had a somewhat impromptu photo session due to the warm weather and we flowed organically from there.

I've taken the liberty to quote her from one of her ever so inspiring posts.

In dance, there's a principle, used usually to teach levity in grande battement, but it's true of all balance and extension.

Push down to go up. Use the floor to rise away from it. Connect. Extend. I think true self-actualization and the power to make a difference in the world comes from deep consideration of
the other while striving for the ultimate dismissal of the others' evaluative judgment. Moving forward only with being and speaking what's true, and never forcing others to see what you wish they would."

Lauren W.