Images with Anna

I met Anna in the fall of 2014 when Kristiaan and I photographed the team at Taylor & Hov. Recently we teamed up for a fun, sexy free spirited shoot. The goal was put together a few outfits and see what happens. Clearly we improvised but the results were stunning nonetheless.  We even had the chance to try the levitation technique, I think it came out amazing! 

I was so impressed by how fierce, fun and fearless she was!


Creative Portraits with Sam

Sam inspired Kristiaan and I a few years ago for her and Luke's engagement session. Kristiaan came up with the idea of levitating her and together (all 4 of us) we made it happen along with plenty other amazing images. See the proof heremake sure you visit that link

Fast forward 2 years and a few conversations later I was able to work with Sam again. While levitation was not something I was going for I did try and get something a little on the moody side with a hint of darkness.