Kelly and the deer skull

In early March, I was walking in the woods with Luna and we came across a half decomposed deer skull. This wasn't the first time I had seen dead animals/parts in the woods but this skull had antlers. In other words it looked cool and it triggered something in my special little brain. Using a few of Lunas poop bags I covered it and took it home in hopes I could clean/prepare it for 'display'. This turned out to be both a mistake (the smell) and a success (final product). After Googling DIY taxidermy techniques and spending the next few weeks using cold water maceration technique, I'll spare the details, it finally came out. 

Now onto Kelly. I worked with Kelly at the beginning of this year when I visited Richmond. It was a great shoot, cool and  casual. We agreed we would do a round two and it was nice to know that the deer skull intrigued her as much as it did me. I think it turned out pretty well, kinda of a creepy, beautiful and abstract thing.