Portrait of a Makeup Artist

Its been my experience over the years that makeup artists are undercover models! Kristiaan and I met Krysta at a wedding in 2015 and we began Instagram-stalking each other then. Fast forward a year later and I reached out as I wanted to do some simple and clean beauty shots (first two images). However we got to creative thinking and Krysta had some great outfits put together so we turned it into somewhat of a personal fashion portrait session. Creatives are always the best to work with.

If you're interested in camera settings or how lighting was achieved simply hover over the image and details will appear.


Assignment: Creative Science Labs

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by  Creative Science Labs for portraits. I spoke in length with one of the partners into what they wanted. The gist was they needed portraits to update their website. They were looking for something unique and creative that captured who they were as a team while incorporating their super cool workspace at WeWork - WonderBread Factory.  Not only was the space amazing but their dynamic as a team was admirable - as in I'd love to work with them! They were also super fun and easy to photograph and made my job super easy. 

Check out some of my faves below

Fashion and fun with Martina F.

Its been a year since I've seen/worked with Gabe aka Fox aka Martina on a photography project. The last one left my house smelling like baby powder, but was TOTALLY worth it. This time she came up with the concept, outfits (even designed a few) and we had another great shoot. Happy to have worked with Samantha again as she provides excellent makeup services!

Model/Stylist/Hair: Martina Fuchs
Makeup: Samantha N.

Kelsy, CEO/Designer of DiDomenico

Kelsy is the CEO and designer of DiDomenico Designs. She is passionate about designing, traveling and has recently gained much exposure from New York Fashion Week to Washingtonian Magazine to a feature on GoodDay DC. She's also launched a #sewingtheworld campaign taking her Great ant's 1914 antique sewing machine on a trip around the world for photoshoots. See more on her Instagram account.

Its always exciting to meet and network with local professional artists that share the same drive in their own craft as we do. I am looking forward to watching her success continue to grow.

Now for some fun pics taken at the National Gallery of Art. 

Website: http://www.didomenicodesign.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/didomenico_design/
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