Portrait of a Choreographer - Evelyn

Usually, during off season (Dec-Mar) there isn't much of a chance for me to shoot outdoors. However 2 weeks ago we have 65+ degree day and I had the opportunity to work with an amazing choreographer, Evelyn. 

Evelyn is an accomplished choreographer, creative director and owner of Dashiell School of Dance in Baltimore, MD. With very little time to come up with a concept I reached out to her, suggested a location that I scouted and we met for about an hours worth of photos. Incredibly humble and friendly we immediately got along and went to work. Below are just a few of the strong yet elegant images that were my favorites


Maya | Dance in the City Project

In July I took a trip to Boston for some commissioned photography work and reached out to Maya (model and professional ballerina) to see if she'd be interested in collaborating on a dance session. She said yes and the rest was history. Maya is pure elegance and magic and SO absolutely easy to work with. My only regret is that we didnt have more time but I have a strong feeling that we'll be working together again in the future.

Below is my curated set from our shoot. If you've followed me on Instagram you've probably seen most of these since I couldnt stop posting, but if not then enjoy. 

Ballerina shoot with Janna | Dance project

I shot this series in 2013 after meeting Janna at a party. We talked about her background in ballet and I suggested we shoot. I absolutely love everything about these images and starting this summer I am looking for dancers interested in doing more. 

If you or a dancer you know is interested please get in touch using the contact form - put "Dance DC" in the subject line.

FYI This is not limited to ballet dancers.