Future of Sports with Lateka

First, I am ashamed of my lack of blogging considering how much I shoot. Second, thanks to Lateka for getting me to Future of Sports on its last day open!

Our convo went something like this: "hey can you meet me here [FoS link]", "Hell to the yes!"

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Ballerina shoot with Janna | Dance project

I shot this series in 2013 after meeting Janna at a party. We talked about her background in ballet and I suggested we shoot. I absolutely love everything about these images and starting this summer I am looking for dancers interested in doing more. 

If you or a dancer you know is interested please get in touch using the contact form - put "Dance DC" in the subject line.

FYI This is not limited to ballet dancers.

Assignment: Creative Science Labs

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by  Creative Science Labs for portraits. I spoke in length with one of the partners into what they wanted. The gist was they needed portraits to update their website. They were looking for something unique and creative that captured who they were as a team while incorporating their super cool workspace at WeWork - WonderBread Factory.  Not only was the space amazing but their dynamic as a team was admirable - as in I'd love to work with them! They were also super fun and easy to photograph and made my job super easy. 

Check out some of my faves below

Assignment: Boxing with Ramona

Ramona is a force to be reckoned with! From SolidCore, to boxing, to neuroscience and a plethora of other amazing attributes, shes an all-around badass. My approach to this shoot was a combo of portraits and photojournalism of her as she really trained. I asked for her input about her passion and here are her words.

"When Lionel and I first discussed doing a shoot together, he told me he wanted to do a shoot with me doing something that I love. Immediately, I said boxing, because though I've only been doing it for a couple of years, it has become a huge part of my life and how I identify myself. I came to boxing on a whim - I was a triathlete and was looking for something new to learn and to add variety to my workouts. Friends told me I would probably like it, so I looked around for someplace that would teach beginners and found Downtown Boxing Club - online reviews made it sound like just the kind of old school gym that boxing movies are made of. It was all that and more. The owner Dave White, is a fascinating character who has taught me so much more than just how to throw a great jab. The other boxers at the club come from all over the city and from all backgrounds, but everyone has one thing in common - we all love that feeling of our gloves making that perfect contact with something. Over the last two years, the gym has become one of those places in my life that makes me happy, no matter what.

Dave was kind enough to let us shoot at the gym one afternoon, which made this session all the more special to me because this isn't just a boxing gym, it's MY gym. Lionel did an amazing job of capturing the essence of it with phenomenal lighting and angles, and did an incredible job of capturing the focus I feel when I'm hitting the bags, but could never see for myself. This shoot was incredibly special to me, and it was an honor to get to work with a talent like Lionel (for the second time!) I hope you enjoy the results."

Sidenote: I took a SolidCore class on Saturday and talk about a challenge. I am sore all over!