Amanda in Baltimore

Its been a while since I've photographed Amanda. This time we set the bar high based on the circumstances. A sunrise shoot (without a sunrise), in Baltimore directly after picking her up from the bus station coming in from New York. She worked a gig the night before, zero sleep and she rocked it - as usual. Concept was simple, there was an abandoned bus/train yard that caught my eye and begged for a shoot so I contacted her with the idea and she was game. Fortunately the weather was very pleasant, low humidity, no mosquitoes or harassment from passer-bys.

I mixed the lighting up a bit, using a combination of natural light (sun and shade) and some off-camera lights. The lit shots were done using 2 Godox v860n's + 36" triggered by the FT-16s inside a Photek Softlighter II 36" .