DeAnna: Fine art project

DeAnna approached me a few months ago with an idea based on a fine art shadow series by Lucien Clergue. I was excited to take on this challenge and spent some time practicing at home using studio lights pointed through various materials, patterns and shapes.  I discovered the control of these lights/shapes were rather difficult using strobes. Then I moved to the idea of continuous or constant light, but still ran into the problem of needing to have multiple shapes and patterns available on different medium light card board, metal or anything with holes in it. Then it hit me, a projector would be more beneficial for better light control. I could also include specific shapes/patterns that I wanted like lace, lines, palm and ginko leaf.

We talked about adding a few personal touches like an orchid and calla lilly since she is a part time florist. As a bonus, I wanted to make sure I included a few unique images shot through my Rollieflex for a vintage perspective. We also planned a few outdoor shots which proved to be tough due to the weather. Though it was mid/late May it happened to be a 50° F day, rainy and very gloomy. 

From the beginning of the shoot DeAnna was 110% fearless and confident. She took direction very well and brought her own elegance and beauty to each pose - I was highly impressed! For the record, she is not a model but killed it like one!

Enjoy a few many of our favorites below. Some images have been censored per her request.

Huge thank you to Samantha for the making DeAnna even more amazing with the hair and makeup. See more of her work here:

Portrait sessions: Apr - Sept

Over the last few months I've had many portraits sessions. Below is a recap of those shoots with a little description about each image or the subject [hover over image to see text]. Use the arrows on left and right of image to see the next one.

Amanda in Baltimore

Its been a while since I've photographed Amanda. This time we set the bar high based on the circumstances. A sunrise shoot (without a sunrise), in Baltimore directly after picking her up from the bus station coming in from New York. She worked a gig the night before, zero sleep and she rocked it - as usual. Concept was simple, there was an abandoned bus/train yard that caught my eye and begged for a shoot so I contacted her with the idea and she was game. Fortunately the weather was very pleasant, low humidity, no mosquitoes or harassment from passer-bys.

I mixed the lighting up a bit, using a combination of natural light (sun and shade) and some off-camera lights. The lit shots were done using 2 Godox v860n's + 36" triggered by the FT-16s inside a Photek Softlighter II 36" .