Walmart series: 3 sisters

I don't go to Walmart often, in fact, it's been over 4 years. But when I do I make sure to go at midnight, on Friday, with 3 sisters.  This for a personal and fun project loosely inspired by the #hobbylobby challenge. 

Don't let the fun antics fool you, all three of these girls are inspiring creatives with their own businesses.

Kelsy is CEO and dress designer of DiDomenico Design
Kendra, CEO and jewelry creator for Kendra Lee Designs
Johnna, CEO and videographer/journalist for Johnna Michelle Productions


Assignment: Creative Science Labs

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by  Creative Science Labs for portraits. I spoke in length with one of the partners into what they wanted. The gist was they needed portraits to update their website. They were looking for something unique and creative that captured who they were as a team while incorporating their super cool workspace at WeWork - WonderBread Factory.  Not only was the space amazing but their dynamic as a team was admirable - as in I'd love to work with them! They were also super fun and easy to photograph and made my job super easy. 

Check out some of my faves below

Assignment: DiDomenico catalog shoot

Nothing is more fun and satisfying than having a great team to work with. From stylists, to hair & makeup to models. This was my second time working with Kelsy and her amazing team of talent. Below are just a few of many images taken for the DiDomenico Designs holiday and spring collections. 

Hair: Samantha N.
Makeup: Celthia
Models: Alumbria, Princess, Samantha and Midori

Amanda in Baltimore

Its been a while since I've photographed Amanda. This time we set the bar high based on the circumstances. A sunrise shoot (without a sunrise), in Baltimore directly after picking her up from the bus station coming in from New York. She worked a gig the night before, zero sleep and she rocked it - as usual. Concept was simple, there was an abandoned bus/train yard that caught my eye and begged for a shoot so I contacted her with the idea and she was game. Fortunately the weather was very pleasant, low humidity, no mosquitoes or harassment from passer-bys.

I mixed the lighting up a bit, using a combination of natural light (sun and shade) and some off-camera lights. The lit shots were done using 2 Godox v860n's + 36" triggered by the FT-16s inside a Photek Softlighter II 36" .