Assignment: Creative Science Labs

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by  Creative Science Labs for portraits. I spoke in length with one of the partners into what they wanted. The gist was they needed portraits to update their website. They were looking for something unique and creative that captured who they were as a team while incorporating their super cool workspace at WeWork - WonderBread Factory.  Not only was the space amazing but their dynamic as a team was admirable - as in I'd love to work with them! They were also super fun and easy to photograph and made my job super easy. 

Check out some of my faves below

Simple headshots

Jai, pronounced "jay", reached out to me in need of a simple headshot for LinkedIn and online profile photo for his upcoming conferences. He's a director for Enterprise Data Services at CapitalOne.  I arrived on location and was immediately told by property security there is no photography allowed on the grounds - this is actually quite common, but still frustrating.

Obstacles aside, we walked off property, found a few decent locations and had a simple and relaxed shoot. To be clear, security was third party, not CapOne and was actually very nice about the rules.

Below are a few of the favorites. Enjoy.

Portrait sessions: Apr - Sept

Over the last few months I've had many portraits sessions. Below is a recap of those shoots with a little description about each image or the subject [hover over image to see text]. Use the arrows on left and right of image to see the next one.

Corporate: Acorn Financial

I love making connections and having the opportunity to photograph something a little different. In the case of Acorn Financial the connection came from the guest of a wedding we photographed in Florida. The different was creating images of their new office space, which I must add is very nice. Doesnt sound super exciting but any challenge is a good challenge and I liked being able think differently on the job.

Here are just a few from the set: