Assignment: Dr. Pacheco oculoplastic surgeon

I always enjoy photographing professional portraits that involve a contextual setting. Though I didnt get to photograph and surgery this time, it was a pleasure working with Dr. Pacheco for some updated portraits. 

Dr. Pacheco is a renown cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid specialist. Find out more about Dr. Pacheco and her talented team at

Assignment: Creative Science Labs

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by  Creative Science Labs for portraits. I spoke in length with one of the partners into what they wanted. The gist was they needed portraits to update their website. They were looking for something unique and creative that captured who they were as a team while incorporating their super cool workspace at WeWork - WonderBread Factory.  Not only was the space amazing but their dynamic as a team was admirable - as in I'd love to work with them! They were also super fun and easy to photograph and made my job super easy. 

Check out some of my faves below